FreeBSD Port: amule-10275

Paolo Bormida pbormida at
Thu Sep 30 10:32:48 UTC 2010


I am here again with a consideration about the choiche to use a snapshot for
the amule port.

I understand maintaing a port is an huge gift to the FreeBSD community, and
gratitude goes to those, such as you, that do this job.

It is not my goal to ask you to steer the port in the direction that would
be useful to me alone, but please consider what I am going to write.

I have built and installed the port on SPARC64, on an headless Sun server
(Fire V100) to run amuled and amuleweb only. Everything gone fine.

I then installed amulegui from the Ubuntu Repository on a laptop I would use
to manage the amuled on the server. Since the amuled on the SPARC server was
based on the snapshot and the amulegui on Ubuntu on the 2.2.6 release, the
gui refuses to connect to the server saying the protocol version isn't the

So everyone who wish to use amuled and amulegui on different platforms needs
to do one of those two things to ensure they are the same protocol level:
- use an older port on the server based on the 2.2.6 or earlier release and
then use an amulegui from a repository (for Ubuntu or another linux distro)
- use the current port based on the snapshot then build the amulegui on
linux from the same snapshot instead of using a build from a repository

I still haven't decided what to do yet.



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