portlocate updated

Anders F Björklund afb at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Nov 19 11:28:23 UTC 2010

Hi freebsd ports,

I updated my ruby program called "portlocate"
to use Ferret rather than Xapian like before:


The program works the same as before, but doesn't
need Xapian which was reoccuringly broken (and GPL).
The main part of Ferret is in C but there is a pure
Ruby version too, if needed (it's a port of Lucene):


I was originally hoping for it to get included in
pkgtools, but since those aren't maintained anymore
it should probably be made into a Ruby module too ?
So that it can be included from PackageKit, that is.


One nice thing about Ferret, besides the MIT license,
is that the database is smaller. It's a little slower.


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