Combining several upgrades using portmaster

Alexey Shuvaev shuvaev at
Tue Nov 9 19:30:40 UTC 2010

On Tue, Nov 09, 2010 at 09:19:21AM -0800, Doug Barton wrote:
> On 11/09/2010 06:09, Dmitry Pryanishnikov wrote:
> >Hello!
> >
> >   I wonder whether it's possible to automatically combine several
> >upgrades using portmaster. Suppose one have to handle both
> >ports/UPDATING entries:
> >
> >20100530: suggests portmaster -w -r gettext
> >
> >20100328: suggests portmaster -r png-
> >
> >It would be nice to combine them as ' portmaster -w -r gettext -r
> >png-' to prevent double upgrade of relevant packages; however '-r' can
> >be specified only once according to manpage. I've handled this by
> >running both commands, replying 'n' to 'Proceed?' question, merging
> >resulting origin list with sort|uniq and feeding it back to
> >portmaster, but maybe there is a simpler way to solve the problem?
> The number of times that -r is actually required is (thankfully)
> quite small, and the number of times that there is a need to do 2
> -r's of ports that are heavily depended on is very very small. In
> fact I can only remember a few such instances over 15+ years.
> OTOH, the code to handle the -r feature is unfortunately quite
> complex, and I'm a little hesitant to mess with it (to be honest,
> mostly because it's working right now, so I don't want to tempt
> fate). :)  I will, however, add this idea to my big list o'
> portmaster ideas and see if it's something I could tackle at a
> future date.
In the case that you catch 2 or more sweeping updates it is very likely
that you are updating across rather large time interval (half of a year
or more). In this case I usually ignore all '-r' UPDATING entries and
do just portmaster -a. The idea is that almost all ports have got
updated in this large period of time too.

Of course, you shold keep an eye on the system after such upgrade,
manualy reinstalling ports that fail to find old shared library.
But normally there are very few of them.
(From my experience, freetype2 is regulary one of them.)


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