[Call for Testing] X.org 7.5 for FreeBSD

Henri-Pierre Charles hpcharles at gmail.com
Mon Mar 15 18:00:29 UTC 2010


On Mon, Mar 15, 2010 at 6:06 PM, Robert Noland <rnoland at freebsd.org> wrote:
> On Mon, 2010-03-15 at 16:29 +0100, Henri-Pierre Charles wrote:
>> Hello,
>> On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 1:48 PM, Robert Noland <rnoland at freebsd.org> wrote:
>> > On Fri, 2010-03-12 at 20:10 +0100, Torfinn Ingolfsen wrote:
>> > Ok, now that agp seems to be working... I have created a port for the
>> > 2.9.1 version of the Intel driver.  You will need to uninstall the
>> > existing intel driver and install this one.  You still won't have drm,
>> > but should be a good bit better than vesa...
>> >
>> > http://people.freebsd.org/~rnoland/xf86-video-intel29.tar.gz
>> > Please let me know how it goes.  You will likely want to use UXA
>> > acceleration with this driver.
>> Good to know that a new intel driver version is available.
>> I've tried the new 7.5 xorg  version and I still have difficulties
>> with my atom based machine  :
>> asus:tmp/>dmesg | grep agp
>> agp0: <Intel 82945G (945G GMCH) SVGA controller> on vgapci0
>> agp0: detected 7932k stolen memory
>> agp0: aperture size is 256M
>> asus:tmp/>uname -a
>> FreeBSD asus.hpch.net 8.0-RELEASE-p2 FreeBSD 8.0-RELEASE-p2 #3: Wed
>> Jan 13 14:49:40 CET 2010
>> root at asus.hpch.net:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/GENERIC  i386
>> asus:tmp/>dmesg | grep CPU
>> CPU: Intel(R) Atom(TM) CPU  230   @ 1.60GHz (1596.01-MHz 686-class CPU)
>> p4tcc0: <CPU Frequency Thermal Control> on cpu0
>> On this machine the symptom are a 30s to 1mn freeze then switching
>> from console mode to graphic (when xdm start), and same hang when
>> doing graphic stuff like dvd play, or using xv or qiv.
>> Yesterday I've try to compile xorg 7.5 and xfce4. Same symptom.
>> The only workaround I've found is to disable acpi
>> 'hint.acpi.0.disabled="1" in /boot/loader.conf
>> And even with that, I've a corrupted screen.
>> Vesa is not an option, because it can not recognize my 1920x1200 screen.
>> Is there any chance that the 2.9 intel driver behave better ?
> It is very unlikely... The 2.9 series driver will not support drm
> without GEM and so it is really slow.  The only reason to try and use it
> that I can think of is if you have an Ironlake chipset with isn't
> supported in the 2.7 driver.
> I have an Atom 330 with the 945 chipset and I haven't had any issues
> with it.  It is possible that it is waiting for resources.  How much ram
> do you have?

dmesg | grep -i memory
real memory  = 2147483648 (2048 MB)
avail memory = 2082623488 (1986 MB)
agp0: detected 7932k stolen memory

What kind of ressources ?

I have try to add comment to a bug here :
http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=24789#c22 but I have no
working options so far. I'm not even sure that this is the correct bug

It's a shame to have to disable multhreading on an dual thread atom :-)


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