Shoud devel port be RC or GIT based?

CeDeROM tomek.cedro at
Mon Feb 15 00:45:28 UTC 2010

Hello world!

In a moments of hard testing just before a software release, releases
of a RC (Release Candidate) packages are done to alow some final
tests. I am wondering if it is convenient to create the devel port, to
allow better testing for non-freebsd-aware users. Would that be more
convenient to base such devel port on a RC releases, or directly the
GIT repository?

How would the dynamic pkg-plist file content look like in case of GIT build?
Would files built from GIT repository are to be installed in
/usr/local or some easry-to-remove specific location such as
/tmp/devel/portname ?

Is it convenient at all to create GIT based devel port if the user
needs to use standard git procedure anyway to upload the
rewritten/updated files?

Please advise :-)
Tomek Cedro


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