Shoud devel port be RC or GIT based?

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> Hello world!
> In a moments of hard testing just before a software release, releases
> of a RC (Release Candidate) packages are done to alow some final
> tests. I am wondering if it is convenient to create the devel port, to
> allow better testing for non-freebsd-aware users. Would that be more
> convenient to base such devel port on a RC releases, or directly the
> GIT repository?

Depends on the target. RCs are usually more polished, but if what you
want to test is the GIT at some points in time ...
Generally we don't encourage  ports that build from $VCS checked-out
sources, but having a -devel port based on a tarball made from
checked-out is OK.

> How would the dynamic pkg-plist file content look like in case of GIT
> build? Would files built from GIT repository are to be installed in
> /usr/local or some easry-to-remove specific location such as
> /tmp/devel/portname ?

PREFIX (which default to /usr/local).

> Is it convenient at all to create GIT based devel port if the user
> needs to use standard git procedure anyway to upload the
> rewritten/updated files?

Again it depend on what you want.

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