Proposal moving *spell dicts to ports/textproc/*spell/dicts

David Southwell david at
Sat Dec 4 12:51:19 UTC 2010

> Hi,
> As I said some weeks ago I personally don't like much the use of
> ports/{french,chinese,whatever}/ directories. I saw that openbsd
> created sub directories in the aspell port. I think this is a really
> good idea, it's really easier to find.
> I don't think german/ispell french/aspell textproc/gu-aspell are
> really easy to find.
> I propose creating a ports/textproc/aspell/dicts and same for
> textproc/ispell and textproc/hunspell and moving every spellings ports
> to these directories.
On the surface the idea sounds sensible. Maybe there are some issues relating 
to consistency across the whole ports tree in the way languages are handled.

I see no solution being intrinsically better than any other but would tend to 
favour a consistent approach for all language. We already have one built in 
inconsistencyt -- i.e. english is handled different;ly than any other.

IMHO one inconsistency is enough!!

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