Problems building ports - Error code 2 when attempting to cd

Scott Ullrich sullrich at
Thu Nov 6 09:58:10 PST 2008

On 11/6/08, Boris Samorodov <bsam at> wrote:
> According to make(1) "-j1" is not the same as if "-j" is not defined.
>  I'd try either remove "-j1" or add "-B" option:
>  -----
>      −B      Try to be backwards compatible by executing a single shell per
>              command and by executing the commands to make the sources of a
>              dependency line in sequence.  This is turned on by default unless
>              −j is used.
>      −j max_jobs
>              Specify the maximum number of jobs that make may have running at
>              any one time.  Turns compatibility mode off, unless the −B flag
>              is also specified.

Thanks Boris, that appears to have solved the problem!!


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