Wacom driver

Gabor PALI pgj at FreeBSD.org
Wed Nov 5 07:49:18 PST 2008

Dominic Fandrey wrote:
> Gábor Kövesdán wrote:
>> Dominic Fandrey escribió:
>>> I have created a port of Bartosz Fabianowski's Wacom driver.
>>> Since nobody has stepped forward to commit it, I thought I'd
>>> inform this list, so that people can test it.
>>> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=128547
>> I suggest that you should consult with pgj at . He was going to port this 
>> driver himself but he hasn't got time so far. I've CC'd him because I 
>> don't think he is on the ports@ list because he is a doc committer.
> Well, I'm always willing to talk. However, I don't see much to be done
> here. The port is done, I keep close contact to Bartosz and I'm
> willing to maintain it. It's one of the few that actually installs a 
> module into /boot/modules, something that should be enforced more
> thoroughly, in my opinion.
> Thanks to the ports Xorg magic I even don't have to take care of
> dependencies.

Hello there,

Thanks to Ping Cheng (maintainer of the original Linux driver), I
already found and contacted Bartosz (at about middle of August), and I
have tested some versions of his ported driver with my USB Wacom Bamboo.
 I asked him about an official FreeBSD port, but he replied he will do
that himself (when it is time) :)

I would be happy to see this driver in the Ports Collection, however I
had serious problems with the latest version I tested (X crashed after a
few minutes with Firefox and Gimp).

It is a sorry, but I had to leave that configuration (6.3-STABLE on a
desktop machine) behind (I had to move) and I switched to FreeBSD
7-PRERELEASE on a notebook meanwhile.  I have not had time to test it
again, though my Bamboo is next to my notebook :)  (Therefore no
physical limitations...)

But if you need a committer for this port, I can offer you to look after
your PRs, test and commit them (with some help from an experienced ports
committer, of course).


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