Wacom driver

Dominic Fandrey kamikaze at bsdforen.de
Wed Nov 5 09:12:22 PST 2008

Gabor PALI wrote:
> Dominic Fandrey wrote:
>> Gábor Kövesdán wrote:
>>> Dominic Fandrey escribió:
>>>> I have created a port of Bartosz Fabianowski's Wacom driver.
>>>> Since nobody has stepped forward to commit it, I thought I'd
>>>> inform this list, so that people can test it.
>>>> http://www.freebsd.org/cgi/query-pr.cgi?pr=128547
>>> I suggest that you should consult with pgj at . He was going to port this 
>>> driver himself but he hasn't got time so far. I've CC'd him because I 
>>> don't think he is on the ports@ list because he is a doc committer.
>> Well, I'm always willing to talk. However, I don't see much to be done
>> here. The port is done, I keep close contact to Bartosz and I'm
>> willing to maintain it. It's one of the few that actually installs a 
>> module into /boot/modules, something that should be enforced more
>> thoroughly, in my opinion.
>> Thanks to the ports Xorg magic I even don't have to take care of
>> dependencies.
> Hello there,
> Thanks to Ping Cheng (maintainer of the original Linux driver), I
> already found and contacted Bartosz (at about middle of August), and I
> have tested some versions of his ported driver with my USB Wacom Bamboo.
>  I asked him about an official FreeBSD port, but he replied he will do
> that himself (when it is time) :)
> I would be happy to see this driver in the Ports Collection, however I
> had serious problems with the latest version I tested (X crashed after a
> few minutes with Firefox and Gimp).
> It is a sorry, but I had to leave that configuration (6.3-STABLE on a
> desktop machine) behind (I had to move) and I switched to FreeBSD
> 7-PRERELEASE on a notebook meanwhile.  I have not had time to test it
> again, though my Bamboo is next to my notebook :)  (Therefore no
> physical limitations...)
> But if you need a committer for this port, I can offer you to look after
> your PRs, test and commit them (with some help from an experienced ports
> committer, of course).
> Cheers,
> :g

I can tell you that I have thoroughly tested it in gimp with an Intuos3
on amd64 and it caused no instability problems whatsoever.
Bartosz and me are also looking into the hot-plug issue, because at
the moment an X restart is necessary when you plug in your tablet.

I have put some effort into the setup target of the rc script that
spares you that annoying copy'n'paste orgy to get the linuxwacom bits

I'd be glad to maintain this port and it meets Bartosz's approval. He
told me that he intended to make a port but hadn't found the time
yet. So a willing committer would be very welcome.

Err anyone asks, the DESTDIR support is there to silence portlint about
the use of an absolute path (/boot/modules).


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