Boost 1.37 released!

Emanuel Haupt ehaupt at
Mon Nov 3 15:29:51 PST 2008

> Emanuel,
> Copying devel/boost to devel/boost-devel sounds reasonable.
> However, I'd like to suggest moving devel/boost to devel/boost-134 and
> having devel/boost updated to 1.37. For me '-devel' is always felt like
> something not stable enough. Another concern is that maintaners of ports
> that depend on boost would probably slow down the process of updating to
> 1.37. Forking to old version contains element of intention - it's more clear
> that devel/boost-134 is something out of date and temporary.

This would involve much more initial work. We have many -devel ports
that are actually just more recent versions. Once there is a working
1.37 port either people will start moving to 1.37, bringing the new
version to each maintainers attention would help.

At some point devel/boost will become 1.37 and devel/boost-devel will
then either be removed or updated to a never version.


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