NOT SOLVED --cvsup after upgrade to 6.3 coredump

Kris Kennaway kris at
Fri Jul 11 18:37:07 UTC 2008

David Southwell wrote:
> But this may be a clue
> Here is what happened.. in the past it seemed to core dump immediately - but 
> now it transpires the dumping takes place only once the connection is made. I 
> incorrectly assumed all was OK when I got the "Rejected by Server" message 
> but jumped too quickly. So problem is still with us!!
> Connected to
> Rejected by server: Access limit exceeded; try again later
> Will retry at 10:05:05
> Retrying
> Connected to
> Bus error: 10 (core dumped)
> [root at dns1 /usr/ports/net/cvsup-without-gui]
> Any ideas??

Can you either get a backtrace or do a binary search on the kernel 
sources to work out which commit caused it?


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