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Tue Jan 1 13:03:09 PST 2008

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Chess Griffin wrote:
> * Chuck Robey <chuckr at> [2007-12-17 23:28:30]:
>> Any mailers handling those 3 requirements?
> Some that come to mind are: mozilla-thunderbird, claws-mail,
> evolution, kmail.
> Hope this helps.

Finally, I got enough of my other problems fixed so I could go back to
making my mail the best it could be.  I took a look at your suggestions,
and decided to try claws-mail first, but trying to figure out what to
build, from the pkg-descr's, well, it's confusing, to say the least.  You
see, the mail/claws-mail/pkg-descr tells me all about (what seems to be a)
totally different port, a mail/sylpheed[2].  In fact, when I take a look at
the pkg-descrs for either the claws-mail or sylpheed ports, they both seem
to be describing the sylpheed port, although they aren't copies, they are
very much alike.

Could you clear this up?  Whats the relationship here, does anyone know it?
 I'm just trying to figure out what to build, so I can try another mailer
for myself.
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