Problems with OpenOffice 2.3.1 on FreeBSD

Thierry Thomas thierry at
Tue Jan 1 12:33:01 PST 2008

Le Mar  1 jan 08 à 21:21:43 +0100, Stephen Montgomery-Smith <stephen at>
 écrivait :
> My personal wish list is that opencascade builds on FreeBSD-7 with the 
> new stlport, and that octave-forge not be in its current "IGNORE" state. 
>  But I fully appreciate that I must either wait, or help make it happen.

A patch is ready for that, and is available at


but I cannot commit it right now: it will fail without the patch
included in PR ports/118958. That means that we have to wait untill the
ports tree is totally unfrozen.

Best regards,
Th. Thomas.
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