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> Finally, I got enough of my other problems fixed so I could go back to
> making my mail the best it could be.  I took a look at your
> suggestions, and decided to try claws-mail first, but trying to
> figure out what to build, from the pkg-descr's, well, it's confusing,
> to say the least.  You see, the mail/claws-mail/pkg-descr tells me
> all about (what seems to be a) totally different port, a
> mail/sylpheed[2].  In fact, when I take a look at the pkg-descrs for
> either the claws-mail or sylpheed ports, they both seem to be
> describing the sylpheed port, although they aren't copies, they are
> very much alike.
> Could you clear this up?  Whats the relationship here, does anyone
> know it? I'm just trying to figure out what to build, so I can try
> another mailer for myself.

This may not be exactly right, but essentially the history is as

Sylpheed was the original GTK1 mail client.  At some point, there was
either a fork or a development version called Sylpheed-Claws.  The
original Sylpheed became a GTK2 mail client called Sylpheed2.
Sylpheed-Claws then changed its name to Claws-mail to avoid confusion,
with apparently debatable results.  :-)

So, today there is Sylpheed2 and Claws-Mail.  I use Claws-Mail and
Mutt.  All the various claws-mail-* ports are extra plugins.  It also
appears the pkg-descr for Claws-Mail needs to be updated to reference
the name change as well as the correct website,  I
have prepared a patch for the maintainer and will submit it via GNATS.


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