games/openarena port I'm working on...A few questions!

Josh Tolbert hemi at
Sun Jul 29 22:10:00 UTC 2007


I'm working on a port of OpenArena ( It's going pretty
well. I started with the games/ioquake3 port and modified to taste. However, I
have a fewquestions regarding handling of conflicts.

OpenArena is based on ioquake3...So much they even kept the same binary names.
The obvious thing to do would be to just set up CONFLICTs for both
games/ioquake3 and games/openarena for now and bug the openarena developers to
change their binary names. Is it worth considering renaming the openarena
binaries manually during install?

Second question: the port requires you to download the Windows/Linux
distribution of the game and copy all of the data files to a directlry in
/usr/local/share. Is there a mechanism for handling this automatically? Can
anyone point me to an example?

Other than these two hurdles the port works beautifully. I started on it last
night and had it running within two hours. The only remaining hang-ups are the
two issues above.


Josh Tolbert
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