Problems with +CONTENTS being messed up by pkg_delete -f

youshi10 at youshi10 at
Fri Jul 20 19:43:46 UTC 2007

On Fri, 20 Jul 2007, Doug Barton wrote:

> Garrett Cooper wrote:
>> Personally I think that:
>>    1. Versions shouldn't matter when calculating absolute dependencies
>> (i.e. net/samba may depend on popt).
> Can you give some kind of context for this comment?
>>    2. If versions do change for a dependent package, the packages
>> dependent on the changed package should also be rebuilt.
> Noooooooo, that should definitely not be the default, as it's hardly
> ever necessary to actually do that, and when it is we have more than
> enough ports management tools nowadays to handle it.
> Doug

I've been digesting other comments lately and this thinking isn't the best. I'll kill my other email thread and re-propose another idea after a little more consideration.


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