Problems with +CONTENTS being messed up by pkg_delete -f

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Fri Jul 20 11:37:07 UTC 2007

Quoting Robert Noland <rnoland at> (Thu, 19 Jul 2007 13:31:42 -0400):

> On Wed, 2007-07-18 at 21:18 -0700, Garrett Cooper wrote:
> > Stephen,
> >     I admire your willingness to help, but I believe that Robert should 
> > be the one detailing the problem not you. That way too much confusion 
> > doesn't get aroused on the list(s).
> >     I'm going to remove hackers@ from the CC list because this almost 
> > exclusively pertains to ports at .
> > -Garrett
> Ok, so the issue that I hope to address is not really a "portmanager"
> issue.  The original version of package-depends always listed the
> current version (from ports) in the +CONTENTS file.  When that list was
> passed to sort -u, you ended up with a single dependency for each
> origin.
> The new way it takes each direct dependency and adds those, then
> recursively parses the +CONTENTS file of each of those and adds those
> entries and finally passes the whole thing to sort -u.  This allows for
> multiple dependencies with the same origin to be listed in the +CONTENTS
> file.
> As an example... port a depends on b and c.  Port c has a version bump
> and is updated but technically b doesn't require an update.  Now if port
> a is updated it will get the current version of c and also the old
> version of c from b.

Ok, I see the problem (in case b depends on c too). This is only an
issue if you do this by hand instead of using portupgrade (or something
else), as those tools should correct the dependency in port b to the
new version of c. If they don't do it, it's a bug in those tools.


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