FreeBSD Port: amanda-client-2.5.1p3,1

Craig Boston craig at
Wed Feb 14 15:12:56 UTC 2007

On Sun, Feb 11, 2007 at 08:17:21AM -0600, Karl Friesen wrote:
> Amanda-client-2.5.1p3,1 is broken
> In particular the arguments that sendsize hands to dump are bad.
> Using 2.5.1p3,1 the command line used was:
> 	"/sbin/dump 0SSsf 0 1048576 - /dev/da0s1a"
> where with (a locally patched) 2.5.1p2 the command line was:
> 	"/sbin/dump 0ShLsf 0 1048576 - /dev/da0s1a"

I'm seeing the same problem here.  Fortunately I only upgraded one
machine so far.

> My local patch was to add the L option (to quell warning messages).
> The first question is why there is an extra "S" in the command line, but 
> the real problem is caused by the elimination of the "h" which changes 
> the argument list.  The "h" was the argument that required the "0" in 
> the argument list.

It looks like the code in sendsize.c that generates the dump arguments
was completely rewritten between p2 and p3, and a mistake was made
(PARAM_DUMP_ESTIMATE used twice instead of PARAM_HONOR_NODUMP).  A patch
is attached that should fix it.

We can add the patch to ports if necessary, but as the problem exists in
upstream sources it should really be fixed there.

> I cannot say if the same problem exists in sendbackup.  My dumps didn't 
> make it that far :(

Glancing through sendbackup-dump.c it looks like everything should be
fine there (though I'm actually a little surprised that the -L patch
still applies cleanly).  I haven't run a backup with the fixed sendsize
yet, however, so I guess we'll see.

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