FreeBSD Port: amanda-client-2.5.1p3,1

Karl Friesen krf at
Sun Feb 11 14:32:53 UTC 2007

Amanda-client-2.5.1p3,1 is broken

In particular the arguments that sendsize hands to dump are bad.
Using 2.5.1p3,1 the command line used was:

	"/sbin/dump 0SSsf 0 1048576 - /dev/da0s1a"

where with (a locally patched) 2.5.1p2 the command line was:
	"/sbin/dump 0ShLsf 0 1048576 - /dev/da0s1a"

My local patch was to add the L option (to quell warning messages).

The first question is why there is an extra "S" in the command line, but 
the real problem is caused by the elimination of the "h" which changes 
the argument list.  The "h" was the argument that required the "0" in 
the argument list.

I cannot say if the same problem exists in sendbackup.  My dumps didn't 
make it that far :(


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