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One of the people who gave me the hardest time was able to tell me in
a way that was clear to me what his issue with how I presented stuff
was (privately)... since I am not a mind reader I don't know how
prevalent this among the other people who gave me a hard time on the
survey... the purposes of this post is to clarify some of the things
that I never meant to imply or appear to be asking for in the survey
or my defense of it.

1. I *NEVER* meant or intended to be asking for any kind of
"permission" to undertake (or not undertake) the project from the
larger FreeBSD community I was only attempting to collect data to
double check my own personal intuition as to what features/issues
needed to be addressed if an when such a project goes beyond the "neat
idea" stage

2. I was not attempting to say mine was the only "true" way or that it
even made sense to incorpate any of my ideas into any aspect of
FreeBSD (even after the coding is done)

3. Unlike the majority of the FreeBSD community (it seems) I believe
in early and frequent user involvment in system development and that
was my one and only goal with the survey (and a few follow ups I have
in mind)

4. The reason for not releasing any of the survey results is not to
"play" games but to avoid the "california presidential election
syndrom" (people do not vote because the networks have already called
the election)

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