net/freeradius - fixed for RELENG_7 amd64 and 6.x with gcc 4.2

Wes Morgan morganw at
Tue Dec 4 17:40:27 PST 2007

On Tue, 4 Dec 2007, David Wood wrote:

> (ade@ cc'd as maintainer of devel/libtool)
> Dear all,
> I posted previously on the ports mailing list about problems that were 
> showing up with net/freeradius when built with gcc 4.2 on 6.x and on 7.x 
> amd64.
> At that time I was wondering if there was an arcane problem in the toolchain, 
> maybe in libtool. In fact, the solution appears to be straightforward, and 
> not libtool's fault. radiusd was being built -pie, which was the default from 
> upstream. Patching the upstream to remove -pie seems to resolve 
> both problems. Thanks to Sean McNeil for the report.
> The moral of the story appears to be "don't use -pie with libtool". I have no 
> idea why the upstream is like this; I will chase it with the 
> FreeRADIUS developers.
> I've just submitted ports/118425
> which should fix that, as well as chasing a heimdal shared library version 
> bump.
> I believe those two fixes may qualify for committing during the current ports 
> freeze; I've alerted portmgr@ separately.
> I've also incorporated a couple of other outstanding fixes, though I realise 
> that they may well not qualify to be committed alongside the others because 
> of the ports freeze.

HMMMM... A seemingly silimar issue came up a while back. It was supposed 
to have been fixed -

I wonder if perhaps there is something more that needs to be done.

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