PHP_VER magic too smart for its own good

Yen-Ming Lee leeym at
Tue Sep 26 08:53:17 PDT 2006

On Tue, Sep 26, 2006 at 10:19:53AM +0200, Alex Dupre wrote:
> Erwin Lansing ha scritto:
> >After leeym added graphics/php4-imlib2 slave port to php5-imlib2, I've
> >been getting a warning in INDEX and an error in the modules check
> >script. This is due to and the slave port both trying to
> >accomplish the same result via different ways, and thus outsmarting
> >eachother when php4 is installed on a system.
> The problem is here:
> This is the only pecl port that has a master/slave (php5/php4) approach, 
> instead of the unique pecl- pkgprefix. I don't like this difference, but 
> I'm not against it. But if you want static master/slave ports, you need 
> to statically define PKGNAMEPREFIX to php4- and php5- in each port Makefile.

Hi, Erwin and Alex,

Sorry that I didn't test enough scenarios to make sure it works correctly in
different environments. I just tried to build them from empty /usr/local.

I replaced PKGNAMEPREFIX with the fixed ones, and set IGNORE_WITH_PHP and
DEFAULT_PHP_VER to avoid confusion.

If there're still some problems about the already-installed-php-version and
INDEX generation, please let me know. Maybe I'll decouple the master/slave,
or just remove php4 part (I myself use php5.)

Yen-Ming Lee [utf7:+Z05fZWYO] | KeyID:0x5EB52E51 | Taipei, Taiwan
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