FreeBSD Port: mail/milter-regex

Doug Barton dougb at
Thu Sep 7 23:09:37 PDT 2006

Derek wrote:
> I've done a bunch of updates to the mail/milter-regex port to tidy it
> up, and include support for the RCNG stuff.

It's referred to as rc.d now, since it's not "next generation" anymore. :)
Sounds like you did a lot of homework, just to double check, did you read
the section of the porter's handbook on rc.d scripts?

> What is it that I need to do for my changes to have the highest
> probability of being one of: committed/looked at/commented on/shot down?
> (If the answer is "submit a pr"):


> Is the process I follow for an update the same as when submitting a new
> port? (ie. shar `find port_dir`)

No, you should submit a diff (preferably unified) against the current
version of the port as part of your PR.




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