FreeBSD Port: mail/milter-regex

Derek derekm.nospam at
Fri Sep 8 08:47:34 PDT 2006

Doug Barton wrote:
>> Is the process I follow for an update the same as when submitting a new
>> port? (ie. shar `find port_dir`)
> No, you should submit a diff (preferably unified) against the current
> version of the port as part of your PR.

So, I Googled around for the correct process for doing this.  A site 
recommended the incantation:

cd /usr/ports/misc
diff -rn -U 1 foo.old/ foo/  > /tmp/foo-1.2.3.patch

What I noticed in the patch that was generated, was that the file I 
removed from the original was mentioned, and that files that I created 
were also mentioned, but the contents were not included.

I'm assuming that a PR missing these extra files won't be very useful.


Section 4.3. Attaching patches or files, pp7

It mentions: "...large patches and especially new code ... should be 
placed on a web or ftp server, and the URL should be included in the PR 
instead of the patch..."

Is this a case where it makes more sense to use the URL method, and just 
link to the tarball I've linked to in my original post, or is there a 
way for diff to do something like include the new files, and for patch 
to remove the ones that were removed?


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