keeping up with "gnu-libtool -> libtool15"

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Tue Jun 20 12:08:17 UTC 2006

Quoting Csaba Henk <csaba-ml at> (from Tue, 20 Jun 2006 12:03:02 +0200):

> On Tue, Jun 20, 2006 at 10:33:57AM +0200, Alexander Leidinger wrote:
>> Create the dirlist file, run aclocal and then autoconf. I expect that
>> it will work then.
> I figured out that libtoolize should be called before aclocal (or else
> I get "required file `./' not found".

I had to jump around a lot. I even forced the autotools and libtool to  
copy/link the missing stuff. I called the usage for each program  
(aclocal, autoheader, autoconf, automake, libtool) and looked for  
"force" and "copy missing bits" switches.

> Doing that also reveals what I see as the _real_ problem (which goes
> beyond my actual misery with FUSE): the non-gnu-prefixed versions of
> autotools are not a _transparent_ drop-in replacement for the
> gnu-prefixed ones. That is, autoreconf (which is then autoreconf259)
> will fail with
>   Can't exec "aclocal"
> So one have to look for workarounds for making autoreconf259 find
> aclocal19 as aclocal (and so on). (Or did I miss some knob which will
> have this effect globally?)

Ah... yes... I created a directory with symlinks and added it to the path.


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