New portmaster version available for testing/feedback

Hans Lambermont hans at
Mon Jul 17 11:01:59 UTC 2006

While testing the new version I ran into a -o problem, so it's not
related to the 10 improvements, but here it is :

I started with this situation :

# pkg_info | grep avahi
avahi-0.6.10_3      Service discovery on a local network

# pkg_info -R avahi-0.6.10_3
Required by:

# pkg_info | grep howl
howl-1.0.0_1        Zeroconf/Bonjour(tm) implementation

# pkg_info -R howl-1.0.0_1
Required by:

Avahi should replace howl (UPGRADING entry 20060429)

# portmaster -o net/avahi howl
===>  Installing for avahi-0.6.11_1
===>  Checking if net/avahi already installed
===>   An older version of net/avahi is already installed (avahi-0.6.10_3)
Stop in /usr/ports/net/avahi.

This should be added to portmaster; checking if the new target is
already installed (or an old version of it, so upgrade it in 1 go).

I tried to fix this by :

# pkg_delete -f avahi-0.6.10_3
# portmaster -CG -o net/avahi howl
===>>> Cannot find an installed port with ORIGIN howl
===>>> Aborting update


# cd /usr/ports/net/avahi
# make install

This newly installed avahi misses the dependencies of :
So I added them manually to /var/db/pkg/avahi-0.6.11_1/+REQUIRED_BY

Doug Barton wrote:

> 2. Add -L mode, which generates the same list as -l, but also checks
> for updated versions of the installed ports.

Small question : don't you think its better to merge the two lines ?

===>>> taskjuggler-2.2.0
        ===>>> New version available: taskjuggler-2.2.0_1

into something like

===>>> taskjuggler-2.2.0 can be upgraded to 2.2.0_1

> 8. In -va mode, print the name of the port we're checking in the
> config step too.

great :)

I'll continue testing now.

   Hans Lambermont

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