New portmaster version available for testing/feedback

Doug Barton dougb at
Mon Jul 17 17:28:41 UTC 2006

Ricardo A. Reis wrote:

>   Hi Barton,
>  More one idea for portmaster, is possible  limit the number of
> concurrent fetch ?

[ snip ]

>    I use portmaster for update 138 ports and now i don't have more
> bandwidth :-(

heh, sorry about that. I could look into the idea of limiting the number of
fetches, but it's a balancing act, since people with a lot of bandwidth
would like to have more, and adding another tunable for this seems like
overkill to me.

The good news is that in your situation, you can alleviate some of the
problem by not using portmaster -a, and instead updating one or a few ports
at a time. If you do (with the new version) 'portmaster -L' it will show you
what you have installed, and what updates are available. If you start your
updates with the root and trunk ports (that have no, or few dependencies)
then you won't be doing so many fetches at once. You can keep moving "up"
the dependency "tree" a port at a time, or once you get most of the ports
updated you could then use -a safely.




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