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Karl Denninger karl at
Fri Jul 14 05:28:11 UTC 2006

That might work.... thanks - will look into it...

Didn't know the faad port would do m4a files - its not in the

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On Fri, Jul 14, 2006 at 12:17:52AM -0500, Brandon Cash wrote:
> Well, I don't know of anything that does specifically that, but there is 
> audio/faad and audio/lame.  The purpose of faad is to read in various 
> formats, and it can output wav.  Likewise, LAME can read in wav and 
> output mp3.
> With this in mind, you can have faad write to stdout, and have LAME read 
> from stdin:
> faad -o - in.m4a | lame -h -b 128 - out.mp3
> If you wanted to put that in a script, you could just have it `sed' out 
> the 'm4a' in favor of 'mp3' in the file name.
> Another option would be to use multimedia/mplayer, but I'm not sure of 
> the syntax for that.
> Hope I could help,
> -- Brandon Cash
> Karl Denninger wrote:
> >Not sure this is the right list.... but..... couldn't find one that was a
> >better "fit".
> >
> >Anyone know if there's a port (or combination of ports) that would allow
> >conversion of file(s) from m4a format to mp3?
> >
> >M4a is a "lossless" format and is similar to what Apple's Itunes uses, but
> >unprotected (no DRM embedded, so no problem with "reading" them) - I have 
> >a buttload of them but need them in MP3 format for a media player that 
> >can't
> >"eat" m4a native.
> >
> >There are Windows "pay for" software solutions, but of course, if there are
> >ports in the FreeBSD collection that can do this (either singularly or as a
> >pipeline) that'd be even better....
> >
> >A quick look through the ports descriptions hasn't resulted in a "Eureka!",
> >so I figured I'd ask here.... perhaps someone else has faced the same
> >issue...
> >
> >Thanks in advance!
> >
> >--
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