Question re: batch conversion of m4a files....

Jean-Baptiste Quenot jbq at
Mon Jul 17 14:44:48 UTC 2006

* Brandon Cash:
> Well, I don't know of anything that does specifically that, but there is audio/faad and audio/lame.  The purpose of faad 
> is to read in various formats, and it can output wav.  Likewise, LAME can read in wav and output mp3.
> With this in mind, you can have faad write to stdout, and have LAME read from stdin:
> faad -o - in.m4a | lame -h -b 128 - out.mp3
> If you wanted to put that in a script, you could just have it `sed' out the 'm4a' in favor of 'mp3' in the file name.
> Another option would be to use multimedia/mplayer, but I'm not sure of the syntax for that.

Yes, it works, just do "mplayer yourfile.m4a"
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