Question re: batch conversion of m4a files....

Brandon Cash brandoncash at
Fri Jul 14 05:17:57 UTC 2006

Well, I don't know of anything that does specifically that, but there is 
audio/faad and audio/lame.  The purpose of faad is to read in various 
formats, and it can output wav.  Likewise, LAME can read in wav and 
output mp3.

With this in mind, you can have faad write to stdout, and have LAME read 
from stdin:
faad -o - in.m4a | lame -h -b 128 - out.mp3

If you wanted to put that in a script, you could just have it `sed' out 
the 'm4a' in favor of 'mp3' in the file name.

Another option would be to use multimedia/mplayer, but I'm not sure of 
the syntax for that.

Hope I could help,
-- Brandon Cash

Karl Denninger wrote:
> Not sure this is the right list.... but..... couldn't find one that was a
> better "fit".
> Anyone know if there's a port (or combination of ports) that would allow
> conversion of file(s) from m4a format to mp3?
> M4a is a "lossless" format and is similar to what Apple's Itunes uses, but
> unprotected (no DRM embedded, so no problem with "reading" them) - I have 
> a buttload of them but need them in MP3 format for a media player that can't
> "eat" m4a native.
> There are Windows "pay for" software solutions, but of course, if there are
> ports in the FreeBSD collection that can do this (either singularly or as a
> pipeline) that'd be even better....
> A quick look through the ports descriptions hasn't resulted in a "Eureka!",
> so I figured I'd ask here.... perhaps someone else has faced the same
> issue...
> Thanks in advance!
> --

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