[HEADSUP] latest round of bsd.*.mk changes committed

Mark Linimon linimon at lonesome.com
Wed Jul 5 02:22:09 UTC 2006

The latest round of changes to bsd.*.mk fixes some minor problems
(USE_LDCONFIG with non-default PREFIX; fix DESKTOP_ENTRIES on 4.x) but
the change most visible to committers and maintainers will be the
replacement of a number of usages of BROKEN in those files with IGNORE.
This specifically applies to BROKEN_WITH_MYSQL and similar functions.

The distinction between BROKEN and IGNORE is that the build cluster
will not (by default) attempt to build a package when BROKEN is set.
BROKEN is intended to say "the port ought to work, but currently does
not; we think it is possible for someone to fix it."  On some occasions
we will try runs with TRYBROKEN set to force these ports to build
anyways, just to see if anything has been fixed.

BROKEN is intended to be set in individual ports.

With IGNORE, the build cluster will never attempt to build these
ports.  Common cases for IGNORE are for the CONFLICTS logic; for
licensing/packaging reasons; and for the impossibility of ever using
that port on a particular architecture.  (Well, in the latter case,
we hope someone might be able to update the application to do so, but
in the meantime there is no reason for anyone to try to install it.)

Most (but not all) of the BROKEN_WITH_* variables were already setting
IGNORE internally (as they should have) to state "this just is not going
to work."  Therefore, they were misnomers to start with.  The few that
_were_ setting BROKEN were just bugs.

With the latest commit, all the BROKEN_WITH_* makevars have been renamed
to IGNORE_WITH.  To avoid violating POLA, for backwards compatibility
the older form will also be accepted, but it should be phased out.

Other than the above, the changes are the addition of 'make missing' to
show missing dependencies, and some refactoring and cleanup.


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