[HEADSUP] coda5/coda6 support

Jean-Baptiste Quenot jbq at caraldi.com
Thu Jul 13 09:07:04 UTC 2006

* Mark Linimon:

> The coda  ports have been failing  to build for a  while on both
> 5-STABLE and  6-STABLE.  There are  packages for 5.5 and  6.1 so
> this must have been something fairly recent.
> However, when investigating these errors,  I found that coda5 is
> no longer even fetchable from the mastersite, and the coda6 bits
> we are using are about 18 months old.  Further, the coda6_server
> build was marked as IGNORE on 6 since it causes a kernel error.
> I have  gone ahead and  marked these ports DEPRECATED  and reset
> the maintainer of coda6 since I didn't get an answer to an email
> asking about status.

I noticed the same issues, and I didn't get a reply either.
     Jean-Baptiste Quenot
aka  John Banana Qwerty

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