Need help with patching a file in a new port....

Eric Schuele e.schuele at
Wed Sep 28 21:07:14 PDT 2005

Brian Kee wrote:
> I believe that the top of the patch file will need the relative path to the
> file that you want to patch. I remember running into somthing similar a
> while back.
>  I do not maintain the patch file, so I have to do something like the
> following to fix the problem:
>  EXTRA_PATCHES+= ${WRKDIR}/<patch_file.diff>
>  pre-patch:
> ${MV} ${WRKDIR}/sguil-0.5.3/sensor/snort_mods/2_1/spp_portscan_sguil.patch
> ${SED} -i .orig -e s,original/patchfile/name.c,path/to/new/name.c,
> I know that it is not pretty, but it got the job done!
>  HTH
>  BAK

Thanks for the response...
But I'm not quite following you.

Did you have to make the above changes in the ports Makefile, or to the 
patch-* file?

I have compared my diff to other port's diffs and the first few lines of 
mine 'seem' reasonable.  But then again I'm not really sure how they 
should look.

If my port is in
And I go in there and type
   make install
The tarball is pulled down into distfiles and unpacked into
below work exists
There exists in src a Makefile.  It is this file I have modified.  The 
full path to this modified file is:

The first two lines of my patch-* file (presently, after some messing 
around) look like:
   --- foo-0.1.1/src/Makefile.orig	Fri Apr  8 07:17:10 2005
   +++ foo-0.1.1/src/Makefile	Wed Sep 28 21:14:29 2005

Given your comments above, I'm even more confused.  Have I generated the 
diff in the wrong format (I used `diff -ru `)?   Are your comments 
related to another file which needs tweaking?

Thanks for the help

> On 9/28/05, Eric Schuele <e.schuele at> wrote:
>>I'm having slight difficulty creating a patch for a file in a new port....
>>I have unpacked the source. It merely needs a path changed in the
>>Makefile. So I fixed it, and created a port for it. However, the patch
>>I made fails to apply. I get the message:
>>"File to patch: "
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