Need help with patching a file in a new port....

Danny Pansters danny at
Thu Sep 29 07:13:11 PDT 2005

On Thursday 29 September 2005 04:07, Eric Schuele wrote:
> I have compared my diff to other port's diffs and the first few lines of
> mine 'seem' reasonable.  But then again I'm not really sure how they
> should look.
> If my port is in
>    /usr/ports/sysutils/foo
> And I go in there and type
>    make install
> The tarball is pulled down into distfiles and unpacked into
>    /usr/ports/sysutils/foo/work

This is $WORKDIR

> below work exists

$WORKDIR/foo-0.1.1 would be $WRKSRC then. The patch-* files should be diffs 
taken against $WRKSRC.

>    /foo-0.1.1/src
> There exists in src a Makefile.  It is this file I have modified.  The
> full path to this modified file is:
>    /usr/ports/sysutils/foo/work/foo-0.1.1/src
> The first two lines of my patch-* file (presently, after some messing
> around) look like:
>    --- foo-0.1.1/src/Makefile.orig	Fri Apr  8 07:17:10 2005
>    +++ foo-0.1.1/src/Makefile	Wed Sep 28 21:14:29 2005
> Given your comments above, I'm even more confused.  Have I generated the
> diff in the wrong format (I used `diff -ru `)?   Are your comments
> related to another file which needs tweaking?

In this case you would:

# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/foo/work/foo-0.1.1/src
# cp Makefile Makefile.orig
# (make your changes to Makefile)
# cd ..
# diff -u src/Makefile.orig src/Makefile > ../../files/patch-src:Makefile

It doesn't really matter what name you give the patchfile, but a descriptive 
one (eg indicating the path) will be appreciated.


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