Perl libwww--LWP::Simple

Parv parv at
Sun Sep 4 14:39:29 PDT 2005

in message <20050904172305.32264.qmail at>,
wrote Charles Maner thusly...
> When I use getstore to retrieve an actual  filename such as
> .pdf/.ppt/.jpg, LWP::Simple::getstore works well/as advertised.
> However, if it's plain html, (e.g.,, it
> does not return an error code, but also returns no filename
> either.  The identical code, as indicated above, runs as is
> beautifully on Win32 (ActiveState Perl 5.8.7)
> I do notice, though, this site wants to plant a cookie.  Would
> this be an issue on FreeBSD's libwww port?  If so, any idea how to
> fix it/work around or should I use the LWP::UserAgent module?

In case you think cookies are giving you trouble ... How do you deal
w/ cookies in your code? Have you tried getting the Yahoo page that
you are interested in w/o cookies in any other user agent (aka web

Can you supply the minimum runnable code which generates the problem
for you?

  - Parv


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