Perl libwww--LWP::Simple

Charles Maner ckjmaner at
Sun Sep 4 10:23:07 PDT 2005

Hi all.  I've come across an issue with the
LWP::Simple Perl module.  When I use getstore to
retrieve an actual  filename such as .pdf/.ppt/.jpg,
LWP::Simple::getstore works well/as advertised. 
However, if it's plain html, (e.g.,, it does not return an error
code, but also returns no filename either.  The
identical code, as indicated above, runs as is
beautifully on Win32 (ActiveState Perl 5.8.7) as well
as MacOSX 10.4/Tiger (stock Perl 5.8.6 with CPANed

I do notice, though, this site wants to plant a
cookie.  Would this be an issue on FreeBSD's libwww
port?  If so, any idea how to fix it/work around or
should I use the LWP::UserAgent module?

I've researched a bit and a couple others have posted
the same question, but with no response/answer to
fixing it.

I'm running FreeBSD STABLE 5.4, Perl v. 5.8.7, with
latest p5-libwww port.

Again, any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.


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