enigmail-thunderbird doesn't work with latest thunderbird

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at freebsd.jazztel.es
Sun Mar 27 13:04:27 PST 2005

El Domingo, 27 de Marzo de 2005 21:00, Doug Barton escribió:
> Jose M Rodriguez wrote:
> > You can't use enigmail with thunderbird right now.
> Jose,
> I'm not sure what your motivations are with these posts, but you are
> quite simply 100% wrong here. As I posted last night, it works fine
> if you follow the instructions in the pkg-message file that prints
> after 'make install'.

It may work, but this is _not_ supported.  As this is do now in 
mail/enigmail-thunderbird, it is _not_ registered as an extension.

For get, more or less, a sane env, you may have:
- extensions build with the main mozilla (or firefird/thunderbird).
- extensions installed via mozilla -install-global-extension.
- extensions installed under a user profile.

Remember that we are doing 'official' builds of thunderbird.

> > If you're trying this, you must tweak the enigmail build system to
> > get a new extension compatible .xpi (I think this target is
> > allready defined and documented).
> I agree that this would be a nice goal, where are your patches to
> implement it?

I haven't worked this, but I'll do if interest.

It is documented in http://enigmail.mozdev.org/source.html

do a make all in mail/enigmail-thunderbird port
cd $WRKDIR/extensions/xpi
sed -i.bak -e 's/bash/sh/' genxpi
gmake xpi

and you'll get $WRKDIR/dist/bin/enigmail-0.90.1-freebsd.xpi.  This is 
usable with both mozilla-1.7.6 and thunderbird 1.0.2.

But I prefer do this with the mozilla/thunderbird port. I don't test 
this (in my todo list, with localiced builds). But it may be reachable 
adding enigmail to the extensions list after src merge (in 

I think that, while this don't reach the packages FreeBSD offer (Builds 
in the package cluster with PACKAGE_BUILDING defined), this is 
compatible with official builds.

Also, I remember 0.89.6 xpi for FreeBSD-5.3 in 


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