enigmail-thunderbird doesn't work with latest thunderbird

Doug Barton dougb at FreeBSD.org
Sun Mar 27 15:08:01 PST 2005

Jose M Rodriguez wrote:
> El Domingo, 27 de Marzo de 2005 21:00, Doug Barton escribió:
>> Jose M Rodriguez wrote:
>>> You can't use enigmail with thunderbird right now.
>> Jose,
>> I'm not sure what your motivations are with these posts, but you are 
>> quite simply 100% wrong here. As I posted last night, it works fine if
>> you follow the instructions in the pkg-message file that prints after
>> 'make install'.
> It may work, but this is _not_ supported.  As this is do now in 
> mail/enigmail-thunderbird, it is _not_ registered as an extension.

Ok, this is more like it. You seem like a very smart guy Jose, so you can do
us all a favor if you reduce the hyperbole, and focus on the world as it is,
instead of how you want it to be.

>>> If you're trying this, you must tweak the enigmail build system to 
>>> get a new extension compatible .xpi (I think this target is allready
>>> defined and documented).
>> I agree that this would be a nice goal, where are your patches to 
>> implement it?
> I haven't worked this, but I'll do if interest.
> It is documented in http://enigmail.mozdev.org/source.html
> do a make all in mail/enigmail-thunderbird port cd $WRKDIR/extensions/xpi
>  sed -i.bak -e 's/bash/sh/' genxpi gmake xpi
> and you'll get $WRKDIR/dist/bin/enigmail-0.90.1-freebsd.xpi.  This is 
> usable with both mozilla-1.7.6 and thunderbird 1.0.2.

This is very interesting stuff, I'll give this a try. I would prefer to 
manage my extensions through tbird's extension manager if possible.

> But I prefer do this with the mozilla/thunderbird port.

I'm not sure what this means.

> I don't test this (in my todo list, with localiced builds). But it may be
> reachable adding enigmail to the extensions list after src merge (in 
> files/mozconfig.in).

I'm not 100% sure what this means, but if you're suggesting that we include 
enigmail builds by default with thunderbird or mozilla, I don't agree that 
this is a good idea. People like the ports system to be modular, without 
extra overhead for things that they don't want to use.

> I think that, while this don't reach the packages FreeBSD offer (Builds 
> in the package cluster with PACKAGE_BUILDING defined), this is compatible
> with official builds.
> Also, I remember 0.89.6 xpi for FreeBSD-5.3 in 
> http://enigmail.mozdev.org/download.html

Yes, I think it would be a good goal if $SOMEONE (which should probably be 
the gnome team) took it upon themselves to contact the mozdev guys and 
offered official builds of the stuff we have in our ports tree. It sounds 
like you have some good ideas as to how to adapt the ports we have to make 
some of this work, why don't you create some patches for discussion?



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