Blackbox-0.70 update problems (ports/78678)

Florent Thoumie flz at
Tue Mar 15 05:56:05 PST 2005

Danny Koenig wrote:
> On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 02:48:43 -0500
> Andrew J Caines <A.J.Caines at> wrote:
>>I'm running blackbox-0.70.0, boxtools-0.70.0, bbkeys-0.9.0 and
>>bbpager-0.4.0 based on my own patches which I posted here in the
>>earlier thread[1]. It's all still working perfectly for me on my
>>5.4-PRERELEASE box.
> Your patches looks good. But your mail from March 10 which you have sent
> to freebsd-ports@ never was in my mailbox. So I missed important
> information.
>>bbpager 0.3.1 appears not to work with blackbox 0.70.0, as I
>>previously observed. Unfortuantely there is not yet a 0.4.0 release so
>>I'm running on 0.40.0 from CVS and was waiting to file PRs for this
>>reason, as I mentioned.
> I have updated blackbox to 0.70.0 without the knowledge that bbpager
> 0.3.1 won't work in this version. Should we add bbpager 0.3.1 as
> conflict in current bb Makefile while 0.4.0 release is not available?
>>>bbkeys will start but the key bindings will not work.
>>The config and syntax has changed. In fact lots of things have changed
>>in the bb ports and since I haven't used the updated port(s), I don't
>>know if all the changes have been advertised in a package message for
>>each affected port.
> As I can see, bbkeys 0.4.0 works fine with bb 0.70.0. I think Florent
> or any other Committer can commit them.
> [1]

	Send a PR, it should be committed before ports freeze.

	I'll do it if no committer takes it before tonight.

Florent Thoumie
flz at
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