Blackbox-0.70 update problems (ports/78678)

Danny Koenig lists-fbsd-ports at
Tue Mar 15 05:52:14 PST 2005

On Tue, 15 Mar 2005 02:48:43 -0500
Andrew J Caines <A.J.Caines at> wrote:

> I'm running blackbox-0.70.0, boxtools-0.70.0, bbkeys-0.9.0 and
> bbpager-0.4.0 based on my own patches which I posted here in the
> earlier thread[1]. It's all still working perfectly for me on my
> 5.4-PRERELEASE box.

Your patches looks good. But your mail from March 10 which you have sent
to freebsd-ports@ never was in my mailbox. So I missed important

> bbpager 0.3.1 appears not to work with blackbox 0.70.0, as I
> previously observed. Unfortuantely there is not yet a 0.4.0 release so
> I'm running on 0.40.0 from CVS and was waiting to file PRs for this
> reason, as I mentioned.

I have updated blackbox to 0.70.0 without the knowledge that bbpager
0.3.1 won't work in this version. Should we add bbpager 0.3.1 as
conflict in current bb Makefile while 0.4.0 release is not available?

> > bbkeys will start but the key bindings will not work.
> The config and syntax has changed. In fact lots of things have changed
> in the bb ports and since I haven't used the updated port(s), I don't
> know if all the changes have been advertised in a package message for
> each affected port.

As I can see, bbkeys 0.4.0 works fine with bb 0.70.0. I think Florent
or any other Committer can commit them.


-- Danny

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