Changing username of postgresql port

David Landgren david at
Mon Mar 14 02:44:03 PST 2005

Clive Lin wrote:
> Hello Palle,
>     I have a proposal of changing PostgreSQL username, from 'pgsql' to
> 'postgres', or at least make it not hard-coded. The reason is trivial:
> consistency across other platforms. My case is, we have web

Don't hard code it to something else. Make it configurable (with pgsql 
as a default for backwards compatibility). For instance, I use 'pg' as 
the Pg user name, so hard-coding it to 'postgres' doesn't buy me anything.

Making it configurable (and being able to pick up the site default from 
a system config file) would be a definite improvement.

> application developers who do their code on their favorite, fully
> isolated, environment. This means they have full set of IIS, apache,
> or whatever, installed on their computers, and of course the database
> server. Each time we want to exchange SQL dump files, we have to
> change the super username 'pgsql' in the dump file. This does not
> costs much time, but is indeed pretty annoying ;)

A scratch worth itching, indeed.


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