Changing username of postgresql port

Clive Lin clive at
Mon Mar 14 01:49:16 PST 2005

Hello Palle,

    I have a proposal of changing PostgreSQL username, from 'pgsql' to
'postgres', or at least make it not hard-coded. The reason is trivial:
consistency across other platforms. My case is, we have web
application developers who do their code on their favorite, fully
isolated, environment. This means they have full set of IIS, apache,
or whatever, installed on their computers, and of course the database
server. Each time we want to exchange SQL dump files, we have to
change the super username 'pgsql' in the dump file. This does not
costs much time, but is indeed pretty annoying ;)

    This is just a thought. If you feel like it, I could start doing
patches for it.

Clive Tong-I Lin | | PGP KeyID: A008C03E

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