Changing username of postgresql port

Edwin Groothuis edwin at
Mon Mar 14 02:59:33 PST 2005

On Mon, Mar 14, 2005 at 11:43:59AM +0100, David Landgren wrote:
> Clive Lin wrote:
> >Hello Palle,
> >
> >    I have a proposal of changing PostgreSQL username, from 'pgsql' to
> >'postgres', or at least make it not hard-coded. The reason is trivial:
> >consistency across other platforms. My case is, we have web
> Don't hard code it to something else. Make it configurable (with pgsql 
> as a default for backwards compatibility). For instance, I use 'pg' as 
> the Pg user name, so hard-coding it to 'postgres' doesn't buy me anything.

Suggested line of action:

- Add	"PGOWN?= pgsql" to, just under WWWGRP definition.
- Add	"PGGRP?= pgsql" to, just under WWWGRP definition.

If you are really brave:
- Add	"PGHOME?= ~${PGOWN}" to, just under WWWGRP definition.

- Do "grep -r pgsql postgresq*" in ports/databases and see what has
  to be changed.

And then:
- make build, make install, make package, make deinstall, rm -rf
  /usr/local/pgsql, pkg_add pgsqlpackage and check.

This is not for people with a heart disease :-)

Also, please talk with girgen@ about it.


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