Symbolic link to the ports tree [was Re: bug in patching phase of cups-pstoraster]

Thierry Herbelot thierry at
Tue Jun 28 18:21:35 GMT 2005

Le Tuesday 28 June 2005 19:49, Jose M Rodriguez a écrit :

> No, that's how this works.  I can also point to several ports that uses
> this kind of construct that will break without PORTSDIR.
> This is pointed by ports(7) and the notes on ${PORTSDIR}/Mk/

I won't argue : I had an issue, and you gave me a solution.
I just said my setup was not in contradiction with the instructions in the 
ports man page (as the default PORTSDIR was correctly pointing to a full 
ports tree), and the build was still failing
> I can make the construct based on CURDIR, but this is the most often see
> form of doing depends.

No : your makefile is easier to read with PORTSDIR

I have proposed an addition to the man page to avoid this problem in the 
future (still not completely satisfying as some other people may fall in the 
same trap as me)

> --
>   josemi



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