Symbolic link to the ports tree [was Re: bug in patching phase of cups-pstoraster]

Jose M Rodriguez josemi at
Tue Jun 28 18:47:38 GMT 2005

El Martes, 28 de Junio de 2005 20:21, Thierry Herbelot escribió:
> Le Tuesday 28 June 2005 19:49, Jose M Rodriguez a écrit :
> > No, that's how this works.  I can also point to several ports that
> > uses this kind of construct that will break without PORTSDIR.
> >
> > This is pointed by ports(7) and the notes on
> > ${PORTSDIR}/Mk/
> I won't argue : I had an issue, and you gave me a solution.
> I just said my setup was not in contradiction with the instructions
> in the ports man page (as the default PORTSDIR was correctly pointing
> to a full ports tree), and the build was still failing
> > I can make the construct based on CURDIR, but this is the most
> > often see form of doing depends.
> No : your makefile is easier to read with PORTSDIR
> I have proposed an addition to the man page to avoid this problem in
> the future (still not completely satisfying as some other people may
> fall in the same trap as me)

I'm not sure about that.

The correct path is define PORTSDIR if you don't use the default 
(/usr/ports).  But you don't have any need to define a symlink 
from /usr/ports.

You've allready done this with WRKDIRPREFIX and may be done with 
DISTDIR, PACKAGES and other env.

In fact, I remember this kind of problems with OpenBSD/NetBSD src when 
use symlinks instead of env defs (BSDSRCDIR, I think).


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