FreeBSD Port: qemu-0.7.0s200528

Osmany Guirola Cruz osmany.guirola at
Wed Jun 1 13:15:27 GMT 2005

 I installed qemu recently and saw some errors during the installation and running the program
i installed the port with 
%make WITH_KQEMU=yes install clean
but the kqemu.ko was not installed then i do make WITH_KQEMU=yes install without cleaning and copy 
the kqemu.ko file to my home :-( and load it as root..
the first time i run qemu the module was not loaded and see a warning "/dev/kqemu does not exist" i do
and installation of winXP and was very very very SLOW. and running the OS was SLOW too.
the i storp qemu load the module and run qemu again but after a few seconds during the boot proccess qemu freeze
i do a top to see the status of the proccess and get this
 45558 osmany      76    0   281M 75008K WAIT     0:24  0.00%  0.00% qemu

i try to kill -9  45558
close the qemu window with the mouse with ctrl-c a try everithing 
the only way is reseting the machine :-( because the process never die 
of course i can't unload the module because qemu was using it.

the problem is that without kqemu qemu it's very slow and with kqemu does not work
What can i do, this is normal or i have to do EXTRA tunning on my system to use qemu without problems

i have a P4 1.5GHz 512MB RAM



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