mpeg4ip requires IPv6?

Scott I. Remick scott at
Tue Jan 4 00:14:38 GMT 2005

[Sorry if this is a dupe... it didn't appear to go out the first time]

On Thu, 30 Dec 2004 05:56:44 +0800, Brooks Davis wrote:

> You need to rebuild multimedia/mpeg4ip-libmp4v2 because it is linked
> against an old version of libm and was built by an incompatable version
> of GCC.  In all likelyhood, there are other problem ports still on your
> system that will need to be rebuilt.

Well I tried rebuilding mpeg4ip-libmp4v2 using portupgrade -f and then
upgrading mpeg4ip again with portupgrade -f to no avail. I also tried
doing a portupgrade -Rf on mpeg4ip which took quite some time but didn't
fix it. Then I tried portupgrade -f on faad 2, then retried upgrading
mpeg4ip. No go. So what do I try next?

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