[RFC] moinmoin update to 1.3.1

Sam Nilsson sam at servingpeace.com
Sat Jan 1 22:27:26 GMT 2005

Josef El-Rayes wrote:
>>How can one choose to run an instance under twisted, or my choice 
> tell me in how far it differs to the existing installtion modes or
> just what needs to be copied where and i will of course add them.
> the problem i have is that it is not 100% obivious from the installation
> guide, where i have to put the different files for the different
> installation modes, and i did not have
> the time yet, to test all of them. although i will of course.

i found that for the mod_python setup, you don't need to copy any files 
to the "servers" directory since mod_python just runs directly from the 
MoinMoin package in the python site-packages directory.

i really have no idea about how twisted servers run. maybe like 
mod_python, right from the twisted packages in site-packages, but i 
don't know.

>>FWIW: I installed using MOINTYPE="MOD_PYTHON" in order to skip 
>>installing the fastcgi, cgi and standalone servers. Not sure if it 
>>worked or not though. Next step is to set up apache and a get moin moin 
>>running under mod_python.
> a great! just let me know when you found out how to do it, and send
> me some details/patches :-)

here is my apache mod_python setup. i basically just copied the moinmoin 
  examples. FYI, the path '/usr/local/www/moin' points to my default 
instance, which it needs in order to be able to import the 
'wikiconfig.py' config file. I suppose that this info could be output as 
an informational message if MOINDEST=MOD_PYTHON is chosen:

Alias /moin /usr/local/www/moin
<Location "/moin">
         SetHandler python-program
         PythonPath "['/usr/local/www/moin'] + sys.path"
         PythonHandler MoinMoin.request::RequestModPy.run
         PythonAutoReload On
         PythonDebug On

if you want to make a new tarball available with the updated changes, i 
would be happy to download it and add a few basic clarifications to the 
docs. i'm thinking about little things like explaining that a default 
instance has been installed in $MOINDEST and maybe one or two other 
clarifying points.

FYI, I originally tried to run moinmoin on apache2 from ports using the 
worker (multithreaded) MPM on apache. I had a strange but consistent 
browser crash on loading the 'preview' page on any wiki edit page. This 
happened every time, but only with Firefox on Mac OS X! Also interesting 
that it happened with plain CGI as well as mod_python. I guess it must 
be thread related, because I recompiled apache with the prefork MPM and 
now there are no crashes.

Besides the apache2 issues, this port seems really nice to me!

- Sam Nilsson

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