[RFC] moinmoin update to 1.3.1

Josef El-Rayes josef at FreeBSD.org
Sun Jan 2 14:50:54 GMT 2005

Sam Nilsson <sam at servingpeace.com>:
> i found that for the mod_python setup, you don't need to copy 
> any files to the "servers" directory since mod_python just runs 
> directly from the MoinMoin package in the python site-packages 
> directory.
> i really have no idea about how twisted servers run. maybe like 
> mod_python, right from the twisted packages in site-packages, 
> but i don't know.

okay, thanks for investigating

> here is my apache mod_python setup. i basically just copied the 
> moinmoin examples. FYI, the path '/usr/local/www/moin' points 
>  to my default instance, which it needs in order to be able to 
> import the 'wikiconfig.py' config file. I suppose that this info 
> could be output as an informational message if 
> Alias /moin /usr/local/www/moin
> <Location "/moin">
>         SetHandler python-program
>         PythonPath "['/usr/local/www/moin'] + sys.path"
>         PythonHandler MoinMoin.request::RequestModPy.run
>         PythonAutoReload On
>         PythonDebug On
> </Location>

i modified the Makefile according to your information.
i took a default apache2 config, added your alias, and
the port copies it into $EXAMPLESDIR after
installation, so people can take it as a help when
setting up this kind of moinmoin instance.

> if you want to make a new tarball available with the updated 
> changes, i would be happy to download it and add a few basic 
> clarifications to the docs.

i updated the tarball[1]. i did some additional changes like
setting permissions and ownership. it may need some
further tweaking.

greets, josef

[1] http://people.freebsd.org/~josef/stuff/moinmoin.tar.gz
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